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Two new species of deadly jellyfish discovered floating around off Australia

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The new species of Irukandji jellyfish sparks particular scientific interest because it has no tentacles.

Record jellyfish numbers flocking to British waters

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Last year’s record numbers expected to be repeated

Sinking jellyfish help oceans absorb more CO2

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When jellyfish die and sink to the bottom of the ocean, organic carbon is sequestered in deep water layers or in sediments.

Have jellyfish blooms been blown out of proportion?

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No robust evidence for a global increase in jellyfish over the past two centuries.

Zinc can treat deadly jelllfish stings

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Rapid administration of zinc could be life saving in human sting victims.

Sight first developed in jellyfish

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Evolution of vision traced back 700 million years to jellyfish

Crown Jelly

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Crown jellyfishes are distinguished from other jellyfish by the presence of a deep groove running around the umbrella, giving them the crown shape from which they take their name.

How Jellyfish See Things

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Box jellyfish are active swimmers with a strong directional sense, able of performing rapid u-turns and moving in between objects. How do they do it?

What to do with the invasion of the Jellyfish?

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ooming jellyfish populations have become a real nuisance in many parts of the world as masses of the gooey creature are infesting waters, clogging ports and washing up on beaches in the Mediterranean, Japan and Australia. So what to do about it?

Stunning Mediterranean Jellies

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Explore the magical world of jellies -- graceful, dancing drifters that pulse and glow, flash colorful lights and often pack a powerful sting -- in the Monterey Bay Aquarium's exhibit "The Jellies Experience."
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