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Learn from the best
Kurt Amsler
"Villa Madeleine" | 128 Bd. Pierre Puget | 83150 Bandol | Cote d' Azur | France
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Learn from the best

X-Ray Mag #34 - Feb 2010

Impressive backlit images do not necessarily require the use of a flash. Just aim towards the surface and use the sun. Often, that is all there is to it. If you understand how to get the exposure...

X-Ray Mag #33 - Dec 2009

The notion that wide-angle lenses can only be used for large subject matter is common, but erroneous.

X-Ray Mag #32 - Nov 2009

Discovery of prehistoric remains in the Yucatan

X-Ray Mag #29 - May 2009

Nice subject matter and good visibility is a prerequisite for a great image. But just as important is correct lighting.

X-Ray Mag #28 - Mar 2009

Ice diving is always something out of the ordinary. The atmosphere, colors, flora and fauna—it definitely pays off to endure the icy temperatures
for a while. However, there are a few things...

X-Ray Mag #27 - Dec 2008

Taking photos underwater without a flash is not common, but it actually is easier than using a flash. I have a few tips and advice for getting good results.

X-Ray Mag #26 - Oct 2008

Night diving is the ultimate for many divers. Underwater photography without light is challenging, but with a few additional pieces of camera equipment and special techniques you can master this...

X-Ray Mag #25 - Sep 2008

Dependable and well functioning camera equipment is the foundation of good pictures. This article gives you some hints and tips on how to maintain your equipment in flawless condition.

X-Ray Mag #24 - Jul 2008

Even in the digital age, black and white photographs are still viewed as art. In this edition of my underwater photography series, I’ll give you an introduction to contrast imaging.

X-Ray Mag #23 - May 2008
Underwatrer photography, Kurt Amsler, The Perfect Workflow

Without a proper workflow when doing digital photographing, the quality of your images won’t improve. When all the elements of your photography come together, then you can get the best out of your...

X-Ray Mag #22 - Mar 2008

A photographer’s heart always seems to beat a little faster when it comes to taking pictures of sunken ships and aircraft. So, how do you become successful in shooting wrecks? Granted, it is not...

X-Ray Mag #21 - Feb 2008

It is sad, but true—underwater photographers do not have a good track record or reputation for behaving well in nature. But being environmentally aware and conscientious about conservation issues...

X-Ray Mag #20 - Dec 2007

Your support made the difference.
Your support is still needed.
This is why...

We have reported on the plight of the sea turtles before. We have reported how they were being...

X-Ray Mag #20 - Dec 2007

Incredible as it may sound, one of the most difficult creatures to shoot under water is a human being. That is, if your goal is to integrate a diver in the underwater environment as a natural,...

X-Ray Mag #20 - Dec 2007

We have reported on the plight of the sea turtles before. We have reported how they were being butchered by the thousands. And we have asked for your support and signatures on a petition to stop...

X-Ray Mag #19 - Oct 2007

Shooting fish with a camera isn’t easy! Unlike people they are perfectly adapted to the aquatic environment, hydro-dynamically shaped and in all their colourful splendour they are completely...

X-Ray Mag #17 - Jun 2007

Differences of opinion have have raged throughout history as to where close-up photography ends and macro photography begins. For underwater photographers this question tends to be academic,...

X-Ray Mag #12 - Aug 2006

Kurt Amsler, winner of over 100 awards at international photo competitions and a world champion title, turns 60 this year, but you would never know it watching him mountain bike up a steep pass...


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