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Girl Diver :: Cindy Ross

Seattle / Tacoma, WA, USA
X-Ray Mag #29 - May 2009

A place without distraction,
a place without time.
The place one can find
solace and retreat from
a busied world above,
where the problems of
your day seem to meld
with the water and are left
at the shoreline.

X-Ray Mag #26 - Oct 2008

Hollywood blockbuster Mission Impossible III shows Ving Rhames diving beneath the Vatican on an XScooter DPV to save Tom Cruise from the prison below. Now, GirlDiver takes a look at the XScooter Dive Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) from a gentler perspective. Serious DPV diving for a girl? Is it too big? Too powerful?

X-Ray Mag #25 - Sep 2008

Time travel becomes reality, as I descend beneath the waterline in a 1944 Mark V Hard Helmet, the standard U.S. Navy dive equipment used for undersea salvage operations in World War II.

X-Ray Mag #24 - Jul 2008

Gorgeous neoprene clad GirlDivers have long graced the covers of the scuba periodicals, gear catalogues and dive shop posters, but lately, there seems to be an increasing trend of GirlDivers actually showing up at the dive sites.

X-Ray Mag #23 - May 2008

Just like GirlDivers don’t go under the waves without our “life support system”, we shouldn’t go under the rays without a “life support system”. Yes, ladies
(and gentlemen), we’re talking about sun protection. And while sometimes this topic seems over played, hopefully this article will share new information and
remind you of the need for adequate skin care under the sun.